Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a bit of a mixed bag.  The kids were supposed to come over on Sunday to go swimming – except the pool was closed because it was drained of water.  You had a choice of malfunctioning equipment or incompetent life guards to account for it.  Either way… the pool was closed for the big opening *sigh*  So we watched some TV and played some board games.

I answered a craigslist ad for someone who wanted to hang out for a day over the weekend.  Surprisingly, the guy answered back.  We talked on the phone and met at Starbucks to ensure sanity on both of our parts.  Sanity was apparently present because we agreed to spend the day together on Monday.  Monday morning, we headed out to the Arboretum.   We spend several hours wandering along roads and paths looking at different trees, bushes and flowering azaleas.   They also had a little outdoor/indoor museum highlighting bonsai.  This was very interesting and we spent quite a bit of time there.  One of the bonsai was 390 years old.  It was astounding.  We also talked to one of the volunteers and the curator about caring for the bonsai and training them.  The bulk of the bonsai were outdoor bonsai and consisted of a variety of trees.  Inside the museum they had an exhibit called Floral Bling and it had azalea bonsai with most of them in flower.   It was very stunning.  They also had some rock sculptures called peijing with some examples of chrysanthemum rock.  We spent about 2 hours or so there.  It was very pleasant except for the extreme heat which had both of us sweating profusely.  Afterwards, we went out to a Lebanese restaurant.  

I had a very enjoyable day and look forward to meeting him again.   I really thought we had a lot in common but I didn’t feel that spark of chemistry.   And truly,  some complications existed that would have made me hesitate to engage in a more serious relationship.    Nonetheless, we have agreed to meet occasionally for dinner when he is in the area and I anticipate this will be the start of a good friendship.


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