Only time will tell

I finally decided that I wanted to continue the flooring into the living room.  This meant I needed to find out if there were any boxes left from the same dye lot.  I was in luck!  They had 6 boxes left.  Add that with the one I had left over and I can do half of the living room floor with the original dye lot and the other half with the new dye lot.  I was originally only going to purchase the 6 boxes and then wait until I had the money saved up to purchase the other 9 but then I discovered the cost of shipping if I separated it into two lots.  Ouch!  The very helpful lady (and believe me when I say she isn’t generally helpful) suggested I buy it on one of those don’t pay interest for 6 months deal and that way, I can get it all at once and spread the payment out over 6 months.  At the end, I can simply cancel the card.  I might even get the flooring in time to install it BEFORE my parents arrive.  Now that would be a bonus because hopefully Dave could help me install the moulding in the entire house and have it all look good.   I don’t do moulding very well so anything that is done after Dave leaves will not have the same professional look to it.

So there you have it… my renovation is going on credit.   I will have no problems paying it off in the 6 months as my salary from my second job will cover the monthly payments.  And I feel better about not siphoning off the money from my other funds to pay for this renovation.

Talk about project creep!  I went from just rearranging my cabinets to flooring 2/3rd of my condo.  But it will be nice to have new flooring instead of my dirty icky carpet and having it all in the same materials will give it a nice cohesive look.


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