Please play with me Mommy

Lately, Frankie has been completely obsessed with playing with the little tinsel balls that we have.  If I work from home, I will often be interrupted with her dropping her ball next to me.  Heaven forbid that I ignore her because I am busy.  That usually involves her getting my attention through judicious use of her claws on my body parts.   Not on purpose… she simply keeps batting that little ball around my body parts until her claws connect with a sensitive bit and I am suddenly compelled to throw it for her.  She is the same way when I am watching TV.  And now…

I rolled over in bed to see if it was close to 5:30am.  Frankie had been pestering me for the second night in a row trying to get me to throw her little balls for her.  If it was close to 5:30am I would just get up rather than try to get her to stop and go back to sleep.   1:38am.  Geez…. seriously?  Didn’t you know this is time for sleeping?  Did the fact that I was asleep not give you a clue?  Apparently not….

She brings the balls up onto the bed and if that doesn’t get my attention… and how would it pray tell when I am sound asleep….she start batting them closer and closer to me until finally they are jammed under me and then she feels compelled to get them out and try again.  Getting them out involves her claws… NOW I am awake.  I found 2 balls stuffed under me.   Throwing them only encourages her so I decided to just hold them in my hand.  And that is when I discovered why she uses her claws.  She very carefully used her claws to catch the tinsel and pry it out of my hand.  I threw the other one on the floor and she left me alone.  And for the second time in a row, I woke up in the morning to discover little balls in my bed with me.

Crazy cat!  I hope this obsession is short lived because this is not a pleasant way to get woken up in the middle of the night.


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