I am coming into the homestretch of my renovations!  I couldn’t be happier to see it end.  And the main reasons for that are:

  • My carpet girl:  I think I am going to get my flooring today or tomorrow.  But if I want any updates – including the news that it has arrived – I need to call her REPEATEDLY.  It drives me nuts
  • My cabinet guy:  This guy is actually worse than the carpet girl.  Hard to believe but its true.  I am STILL waiting for a bracket to come in that is going to be used to brace the countertops.  I have been told for more than a week that it was going to arrive any day.  STILL WAITING and my step-father is arriving in a week.   The last thing he said to me was, “I will call you about its status”.  STILL WAITING for that call.  I think you are getting the overall theme of what it is like to deal with this guy.  His work though?  Outstanding! 
  • The mess in my house.  I am completely sick and tired of stepping over boxes, around boxes and diving into boxes for things I need.  In fact, I apparently have a lot of junk in my living room because every box I have is full of stuff and I still have stuff I need to pack up in order to move the furniture out of the living room to install the flooring.

But in two weeks… this will be all complete.


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