I hurt so badly that I couldn’t even fall asleep last night despite copious amounts of Advil.   Why do I hurt?  Surely you don’t need to ask! 

My living room is 260 sq ft and I floored every single sq foot yesterday.  (Well I floored the first row on Saturday night)  I even refined my technique about half way through and was able to bang out a number of rows in about 20 minutes.

Only two pieces of furniture are moved back because I don’t have any moulding installed.  I started to install the moulding and I ran out of caulking at 8:30pm.  Wouldn’t you know it, Home Depot closes at 8pm on Sundays.  The nerve of them!  I will pick up some caulking today and finish that up so I can move my furniture back.  I am actually ahead of the game because I only expected to install about 2/3rd of my flooring on Sunday.   I thought I would be hard pressed to have it finished by 9pm tonight!

This is good news since I need to put my house back to rights before my parents arrive on Saturday.


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