Wasted money

While I have been putting my living room back to rights, I have been looking through what I am actually putting back.    Despite the fact that I have one less shelving unit going back into the living room, I am finding a place for everything because I have a huge pile of things I need to find a home – somewhere else!

And as placed things on the pile of discards, I saw price tags.  And in that moment, it hit home that I had spent 5. 99 or 6.99 on a book that I never even used.  Some of these books even cost me money to ship across the border.  I have had the item at least 15 years and never touched it.   What a waste of money in hindsight.  And I look at this huge stack of craft magazines that I culled.  Some of the magazines, I got for free but a large percentage of them were purchased by me.  Never used and another waste of money.


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