It is done! mostly….

My stepfather arrived on Saturday and we went to work on Sunday.  On Sunday we got the bottom cabinets all installed and started on the upper cabinets.  On Monday, we finished the upper cabinets and got all of the quarter round trim done.  On Tuesday, we did the transition pieces.  All except for one because apparently I can’t add and as a result, I miscalculated how much I needed.  Speaking of waste of money… that will cost me an extra 35$ to ship.

I have a bit of tidying up to do still.  I still have to caulk and paint where transition pieces/trim did not get installed due to the door trim.  I still have to put things back where they belong.  I can finally see my bedroom floor but it is still pretty rough in there!  Lots and lots of little things need to be done  but my house is looking like it is no longer a construction zone.  Now it just looks like I am a slob!


One response to “It is done! mostly….

  1. A couple of years ago my wife and I.were planning a kitchen facelift but didnt want to remove.the original 1940s cabinets which were still good. They also painted the built-in parts walls and.ceilling which still look great. We can afford the bigger change but its.still a chunk of money and we dont want to do it if its.not necessary.

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