This is cold…

One of the features of OkCupid is that you can IM someone.  I picked someone to look at and realized that they were online.  I decided that this person would be the person I would attempt to connect to that day.  I felt silly emailing this person when they were currently online so I decided to approach them via IM.  (I think this is an option in Match although I never used it).  I sent three messages along this line:

Me: I felt rather silly emailing you when you were online so I decided to instant message you instead.

(a pause then)

I found your profile interesting and I like to try out new restaurants too.  (maybe too lame?  I was a bit thrown by the lack of response.  Not even a Hi?)

(a longer pause then)

Well, I am off to watch Argentina kill Colombia (I hope) in Copa America.  If my profile interests you, drop me a line.

I knew he was active and online because he looked at my profile right after I brought his up.  I started the IM about 5 to 10 minutes later.  He also looked at my profile about an hour after the conversation.  So the guy was not idling through the conversation.  But wow… not even to acknowledge that I spoke to him.  That is cold.


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