I met George – the original OkCupid guy

The girl who mentioned OkCupid at work came back into the store to buy some more material for her Scrabble pillows.   Along with her came George – the guy she met on OkCupid.  I talked with them for a while about a variety of different topics but one thing I found out was that George had been on OkCupid for about a year and had basically given up on finding anyone.  He was more or less idling until the girl (Funny – I know George’s name and not hers) contacted him.  So he advised me to keep my profile active even if I wasn’t actively contacting anyone.

And what is up with this guy that I emailed continually looking at my profile but not contacting me back?  If you didn’t like me the first few times, I can’t imagine what would cause you to change your mind.  I haven’t changed in the intervening hours.   I am still me.


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