Will there be a date… stay tuned!

Last Friday, I IMed a guy on OKCupid.  We talked for a couple of minutes and then he said he had to go.  I popped on and off OKCupid but never saw him again.   On Tuesday night,  I got an email from him asking me where I was.  We did some emailing and IMing texting on Wednesday.  We had originally decided that we would try to find some place to watch the Copa America game.  Later in the day, he said he was feeling sick and I told him I would understand if he had to cancel.  He never said one way or another if it was a go or not but I had to assume by 8pm when I hadn’t heard from him that it wasn’t a go.   I am not sure whether or not this should bother me.   Personally, I think he should have informed me one way or the other on what his plans were.  If you haven’t started a relationship… is less consideration expected?

The next morning there was no apologies from him although he implied that he went to bed early.  He then asks me when we can hang out via text.  I tell him that I work on Thursday, friday nights and Saturday day so my next free time is Sat night.  I also suggested that we talk on the phone after work or he could meet me at Starbucks near my job.  And then… because I do think consideration is expected… I texted him saying I would be in meetings all afternoon and not to expect a response back after 11am (this was at 9am so plenty of time to still text).    And then I never heard from him.   Not even a comment to say that schedule didn’t work for him.   And again I think to myself… is this indicative of something that I should be avoiding or the way things work these days.


One response to “Will there be a date… stay tuned!

  1. if he can’t be considerate now… he won’t be later. Drop kick him thru the Goal Posts of Life! He has issues and you don’t need that.

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