Moving right along…

Just in case anyone cares to be updated… No date.  I never heard from the guy and he is struck from the list.  He went on and on about how he was sexy.  I wonder if he thought that gave him a pass on courtesy.

So… someone else approached me via IM.  I missed his initial IM but after reading over his profile decided to write an email indicating that I was sorry I had missed his IM and discussing a couple of things in his profile.   He logged in within a few  minutes and we started chatting.    We made arrangements to meet on Saturday night to chat some more.  He never showed.  On Sunday, he apologized for not showing up.  I responded back saying a heads up would have been nice so I could have accepted other plans from a friend.   In this instance, I decided to give him a pass because it might not have been easy to give me a heads up using the only communication method we have at this point.  The other guy could have texted me which takes seconds.  This guy would have had to login to OKCupid and send an email.  We chatted some more and have made arrangements to talk either tonight or Tuesday.    I shall see how it goes. 

At this point, the big negative is that he is 28 – more than a decade younger than me.  Does this mean that he is at a completely different point in his life and no long term relationship is possible? At any rate,  he sounded mature in his profile and sounds reasonably mature in chat.   And sounding reasonably mature in chat is more difficult than it would seem.  I haven’t told this story so let me give you an example of what a man in his 30s said to me in our very first chat together last week….

Him:  Why don’t we watch the final game together.  Isn’t it on the weekend?

Me: Unfortunately, I have already made plans to see it with someone.

Him:  Who?  Another man?  You are such a player….

Whoa!!! Backup dude…. 

 In comparison, this 28 year old sounds positively sane and has managed to carry on two completely normal chat conversations with me.

As a side note, I saw the game with Eduardo and the kids.  Hardly a date…


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