So much for sweet

That relationship is over and done with.

After about a week and a half of attentiveness and desiring to see me, things started to trail off.  I initially blamed it on work because he was working insane hours but then he started showing up well after he said he would and his texts saying he missed me and was thinking of me stopped and then he didn’t show up for a date and finally my text messages were being ignored.

From declarations of love (on his side) to finished in just over two weeks.   Could this be a new record?

I have no idea what went wrong.  His explanation was that it passed through his mind that he no longer wanted to be with me so he didn’t show up for the date and decided to end it.  But it wasn’t until I specifically asked him if it was over that he fessed up to it.

I feel completely blind-sided by this whole thing and I really wish I never got involved with him.  He was incredibly sexy so now I will be looking at future dates and comparing them to him.  I could do without that because most men I have approached (or approached me) have not reached his level of sex appeal by a long shot.

But it was becoming clear that other things were off.  I was hopeful they would have been resolved in time but perhaps the end was indicative of the fact that things were just impossibly wrong between us.


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