Monthly Archives: November 2011

Met Mr. Intelligent

After a number of emails, I have met him.  He is different in person than he is over the phone and in email.   Not any less smart, I might add, but his conversations involve a little less mental gymnastics on my part.

He is a very sweet guy in the sense that he is very considerate and kind.  This has been missing from my life and appreciate it to no end.   He is incredibly funny and we have the same kind of dry humour.  He introduced me to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I have to admit that I found him hilariously funny.   I will have to continue watching that show through Hulu.

After getting a distinct hands off vibe from him for the first few meetings, I was surprised at how affectionate he has turned out to be.   It is a side that I never expected to see and I am enjoying that.   He makes you seem like you are the most important person in the world to him.

He has some of the same views I have about relationships that I hope will make us compatible.  I think we also have had some common experiences that I hope will bind us closer together.  But it is not all roses.  He is a complicated man which I think will ensure that this relationship will not be a walk in the park.  I can be a little complicated too so that likely isn’t helpful.

I am attracted to him and hope we will get a relationship off the ground but my insecurities about how poorly I do in relationships is rushing to the foreground.   I don’t know if I should just be me or try to do something different – me but a different me.  I don’t even know where to start on that.  And I don’t know how to read this guy.  Is he interested?  Not interested?  Cautious?  We had a fantastic date a couple of days ago but when I asked when we could see each other next, he said he didn’t know.  Is it really because he is busy (which he is)?  Wants to go slowly?  Or is it a repeat of John?