Monthly Archives: December 2011

Easy does it

It has just been over two weeks since Mr. Intelligent has decided that he wanted more than friends.  I won’t have any problems remembering this date since it happened on Thanksgiving.  And when he decides something, he isn’t wishy washy about it.   He has jumped in with both feet.

He was worth waiting for is all I have to say.  He is so very different than anyone I have dated in years.  I didn’t even know nice guys like him existed anymore.  And this is where I sadly profess that dependable, sweet and reliable is sexy.  It’s true… I don’t need a bad boy to go weak in the knees.   I just need him.

Eduardo always said it was about the little things.  You could always tell someone’s character by the little things.  Based on that, I have hit the jackpot.  He will hop up and find my glasses because I am too lazy to get them myself.  But he knows that I can’t read the subtitles very well if I don’t wear them. If we leave the bottle of wine in the kitchen he will go out and get it so he can fill up my glass.  He even picked me up from the airport at midnight this week.  He volunteered… I didn’t even ask.  Volunteered!  Wow!  He cleared an evening and spent it with me because he knew I was super upset by something.  Thoughtful beyond belief.

I don’t know if I treat him as well as he treats me.  I think I have the little things covered with ensuring there is coffee in the house for him, giving massages and even purchasing a little guide for hikes that he wanted.  I write him my scribbles just about every day and send him “Todays view” which he enjoys.  I can only hope that the little things I do in return make up for all the ways that I feel treasured by him.

I am taking this relationship day by day and that seems to be working for me.  Each day, I try not to misstep.  Each day, I try to show him that I care.  I try not to think very far into the future.  I just enjoy the moments I have with him.