Keeping myself sane

I have now been skiing 6 times and have discovered that I love it!  How could I have missed out on something so amazing for the first half of my life?  And this is all thanks to Mr. Intelligent and some fortuitous luck.

I knew that Mr. Intelligent was very keen on downhill skiing.  Despite that, I still had no interest it.  As far as I could tell, you were taking your life into your hands and you were one tree away from brain damage or worse… death.

For some reason that he couldn’t explain, he decided to ask me to a special showing of a ski film called ‘Solitaire’.   This didn’t particularly interest me as a matter of fact but, I decided to accept the invitation because it interested him.  It was actually a very good movie and I enjoyed.  There were several scenes in the movie where I really felt like I got it – I understood what drew Mr. Intelligent and so many other people to downhill skiing.  Because of this movie, I decided to try skiing.

Mostly I have gone to Whitetail but I have also made a trip to Liberty.  Believe it or not, I have been down a black diamond slope at Liberty.  Hard to believe but its true!  We went to Liberty on the weekend.  I tried some of the easier slopes and then went off to my lesson.  To be honest… I was a bit bored by the whole day and after a couple of hours, Mr. Intelligent wanted to go home.  He was bored too.  I convinced him to let me go down a blue at least once before we got home.  We went down several.  I fell a million, bazillion times but nonetheless I had a blast.  At the end of the day as we were heading back to the front of the ski resort, he told me to go down this bit of a hill and then turn left instead of right.   I did as he instructed and apparently headed down a black rated slope.  I fell just once so I feel pretty proud of myself.  He told me as we were packing up that I made it down a black slope!  Sneaky devil… he knew that I would freak out if I knew it was black.  Instead I trusted him to tell me where it was safe to go and just followed.

Since then, I have been to the top of the mountain at Whitetail and skiied down several long blue slopes.   The first couple of times I fell but I managed to negotiate the runs without falling the last couple of times.  I wish I could say I looked elegant and sexy as I headed down the slopes but I don’t.  I stop, I start, I waver,  I flail a bit and I recover.  My ski gear looks far sexier than I do.   But it is a start!

And I have discovered that it is one of the few ways I can shake off the stress of work.


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