My first ski trip

Mr. Intelligent and I decided to take our first ski trip to West Virginia.   A bunch of people he knew were renting a house on Timberline Ski Resort and a room opened up in the house so we snapped it up and headed off on our adventure.

We started out Friday night and loaded up his car with way too much stuff.  I only used about half the clothes that I brought and I swear we brought back at least as much food as we took.   Somehow I did leave the mustard behind *sigh*

Our travel was completely uneventful right up until we looked at this grey line on the map and discussed how it would take at least 20 miles off our trip.   How bad could the grey line be we said?  And so we stopped at the turnoff and looked at the road and decided to take it.   About 2 miles up the road a sign said: “No snow maintenance past this point.”  That should have been a sign – literally – of what was to come but we ignored it.  After all… there was no snow on the ground at this point.  Little did we know that snow was going to appear in another mile and that road was going to get steep… so steep you seriously couldn’t see where it was going to end.   You know where this is going right?  We got stuck and couldn’t go forwards.  So we had to go backwards until we could get turned around and return back the way we came with our tail between our legs. 

We continued onto to Timberline resort in the growing snow and slippery conditions.  It was so slippery that we couldn’t get up the road to the house we were staying in.  Now I understand why the ad said “4 wheel drive recommended”.   One of the guys came down in their truck and we loaded up all our stuff leaving our car by the lodge.

Friday  night we hung out.  Saturday morning we got up early to go out skiing and skied until lunch.  We skied back to the house wrecking our bases on some crunchy gravel. Doh! And then to some skiing in the afternoon followed by supper and relaxation in the hot tub.  It was very weird hanging out looking at people’s hair getting crispy with frost.

The next day was frightening cold so people were slow to get out the door.  We only skied for a couple of hours before returning for a long lunch and then sking for just another couple of hours in the afternoon. 

I enjoyed the whole weekend and fell just twice.  I ran down blue and black slopes with relative ease.  There was only one slope that I didn’t do – a double diamond run.

On Monday, we returned to town via New Germany State Park.  We dropped by and did a bit of cross country skiing before continuing on our trip home.  We also stopped by the Blue Goose bakery that made the most awesome pies.  Wowsers!!!!  Worth the stop!

I shall call my first ski trip a success and hope to repeat it next season.


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