Out with skiing… in with hiking

Our ski season ended with a whimper.  We skiied on President’s Day weekend.  I bought Mr. Intelligent a private lesson for Valentine’s Day and scheduled his lesson for that Saturday morning.  The weather was freaking awesome!  The instructor finally said I was out of Level 5 and into Level 6.  Woohoo!

The following weekend we didn’t go because Mr. Intelligent hurt his foot.  The next weekend, the weather was crap.  Then crap the next weekend and the next and before you knew it… ski season was over.

Never fear though… Mr. Intelligent had dreamed up another way to keep us busy!  We are now in training for a 62 mile hike (100k).   We have been hiking miles and miles every week.  Last weekend, I hiked 10 miles on Friday and 21 miles on Saturday.  Saturday kicked our tails so we didn’t hike on Sunday.  Both of us got blisters on Saturday and I added a few more last night when I hiked 13.5 miles .    I don’t know if I can hike 62 miles straight but I do know I have put in longer hikes than I have ever done in my lifetime and it hasn’t killed me.   My feet might have a different opinion though.

The big hike is at the end of April.


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