New life means new mattress

The bed that I had was a very luxurious pillow-top bed.  It was soft and sinky feeling and I bought it because the old bed was hard and bothered my shoulder to no end.  This bed solved the problem with my shoulder hurting but bothered my lower back to no end.  Occasionally, I even slept on the couch because I found it to be more comfortable.  So essentially, I woke up most days with pain in my back for the last 5 years or so.  I felt like I had to stick with this bed because I spent so much money on it and I couldn’t figure out how I could guarantee that the next bed would be better.

Mr. Intelligent hates my bed and says it is way too soft.  It bothers his neck and his lower back so he has taken to sleeping on the couch when he comes over to my place.   This is completely not optimal in my opinion.  It really weirds me out to have him sleeping on the couch.

He has a memory foam mattress that he loves.  I don’t actually  find it any better than my bed to be honest in terms of back pain.  After much discussion I decided to purchase a memory foam mattress for my bed in the hopes that it would be better for my back and get Mr. Intelligent off the couch.  The two of us looked together and finally purchased the best of the best from  It had a 4″ 5lb memory foam top combined with a LUX foam base that was harder than the regular foam base in the hopes that it would provide the best support under the memory foam. 

So I got the mattress today and unpacked it.  It was much softer than I was expecting.  His bed was hard but soft in a weird way.  I mean it feels hard when you first get on it but then doesn’t actually feel hard when you lie on it.  This bed is actually very soft to the touch although it doesn’t feel like it gives as much as you would expect it to based on how much it gives when you initially get on it. 

Will it be too soft?  Will my lower back pain go away? Will Mr. Intelligent finally be happy with the bed?  Stay tuned….


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