We didn’t have what it took

Well… it turned out that Mr. Intelligent’s leg injury from a couple of weeks before the big walk did us in.   We thought he was healed and over it because we had done some other hikes since then but apparently he was not.

We ended up packing it in at the first check-point which was just 12 miles into the hike.  It was a disappointing result but at least we tried our best.   We have declared a moratorium on hiking and haven’t hiked since then.

Yesterday, we ended up cycling 62+ miles.  It was my first day trying cleats and I have to say that it did not go well.  I ended up smacking my head on the pavement at least once and fell 4 other times.  Pathetically enough, 3 of those times was while I had one foot uncleated and on the ground.  I also had lots of problems getting the shoe into the clip-on target which was very frustrating.  Lets just say it sucked a significant amount of joy out of the day.

Did you know that Eduardo called me to say I could see the kids again?  It is not often I am speechless but this found me speechless.  So far,  I have just spoken on the phone a few times with the kids.   I am not 100% sure what to make of this or even how to approach it so I am approaching it slowly and cautiously.


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