Hotter than Hades

Friday night, a storm whipped through the area.  It started quite suddenly.  All of a sudden, gusts of wind ripped through the neighbourhood and rattled the windows on the condo.  My first thought was that another earthquake was happening and the cats scattered to the four winds.  Immediately after that, the rain started pouring down.  It was quite ferocious for about 10 minutes and then we lost power.  That didn’t concerned me at all until the following morning when you started to hear reports of half a million without power in the region.

But as the heat ramped up outside (to 100) and inside the condo, I started to get concerned that we didn’t have A/C.   We could potentially vacate the condo but the cats sure couldn’t.  As I was trying to figure out how to find the cats a place and get that elusive ice which was sold out everywhere, I got this clever idea of phoning the health club I belong to.  If they are open then my office is open and I could drop the cats off in the office.  And as a bonus, they had an ice machine and I was given permission to fill up ice for the freezer. 

Off I went to the office.  The cats were NOT happy that I left them but they just didn’t understand how bad it was going to get and it got bad in the condo.  We were able to go to a friends house in the evening which gave us some relief from the unrelenting heat but it seemed like such short relief when we returned to our dark and hot condo.  Just lying on the couch had us dripping sweat today.  I stole all the ice from the office and some from the health club which allowed us to fill up the freezer.  I think I managed to save the peameal bacon roasts that my mom brought down from Canada.

This morning at 11:30am, we finally got power.  I think around 2:30 it looked as if the central A/C was finally reset and our house will finally get cooled down.  We are off to get the cats and hit a pool.

This was quite a miserable weekend and one I hope I don’t repeat it any time soon.


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