Divorce is final

On Monday, April 16th,  my divorce with Eduardo was finalized.  It was rather anti-climatic.  I went into court and was the first case heard.  We were out of court within 15 minutes and my ties are finally severed.

That chapter in my life is now closed and I am free to open up a new chapter and begin writing anew.  I don’t know what this chapter will hold but I can’t wait to find out.


Out with skiing… in with hiking

Our ski season ended with a whimper.  We skiied on President’s Day weekend.  I bought Mr. Intelligent a private lesson for Valentine’s Day and scheduled his lesson for that Saturday morning.  The weather was freaking awesome!  The instructor finally said I was out of Level 5 and into Level 6.  Woohoo!

The following weekend we didn’t go because Mr. Intelligent hurt his foot.  The next weekend, the weather was crap.  Then crap the next weekend and the next and before you knew it… ski season was over.

Never fear though… Mr. Intelligent had dreamed up another way to keep us busy!  We are now in training for a 62 mile hike (100k).   We have been hiking miles and miles every week.  Last weekend, I hiked 10 miles on Friday and 21 miles on Saturday.  Saturday kicked our tails so we didn’t hike on Sunday.  Both of us got blisters on Saturday and I added a few more last night when I hiked 13.5 miles .    I don’t know if I can hike 62 miles straight but I do know I have put in longer hikes than I have ever done in my lifetime and it hasn’t killed me.   My feet might have a different opinion though.

The big hike is at the end of April.

My first ski trip

Mr. Intelligent and I decided to take our first ski trip to West Virginia.   A bunch of people he knew were renting a house on Timberline Ski Resort and a room opened up in the house so we snapped it up and headed off on our adventure.

We started out Friday night and loaded up his car with way too much stuff.  I only used about half the clothes that I brought and I swear we brought back at least as much food as we took.   Somehow I did leave the mustard behind *sigh*

Our travel was completely uneventful right up until we looked at this grey line on the map and discussed how it would take at least 20 miles off our trip.   How bad could the grey line be we said?  And so we stopped at the turnoff and looked at the road and decided to take it.   About 2 miles up the road a sign said: “No snow maintenance past this point.”  That should have been a sign – literally – of what was to come but we ignored it.  After all… there was no snow on the ground at this point.  Little did we know that snow was going to appear in another mile and that road was going to get steep… so steep you seriously couldn’t see where it was going to end.   You know where this is going right?  We got stuck and couldn’t go forwards.  So we had to go backwards until we could get turned around and return back the way we came with our tail between our legs. 

We continued onto to Timberline resort in the growing snow and slippery conditions.  It was so slippery that we couldn’t get up the road to the house we were staying in.  Now I understand why the ad said “4 wheel drive recommended”.   One of the guys came down in their truck and we loaded up all our stuff leaving our car by the lodge.

Friday  night we hung out.  Saturday morning we got up early to go out skiing and skied until lunch.  We skied back to the house wrecking our bases on some crunchy gravel. Doh! And then to some skiing in the afternoon followed by supper and relaxation in the hot tub.  It was very weird hanging out looking at people’s hair getting crispy with frost.

The next day was frightening cold so people were slow to get out the door.  We only skied for a couple of hours before returning for a long lunch and then sking for just another couple of hours in the afternoon. 

I enjoyed the whole weekend and fell just twice.  I ran down blue and black slopes with relative ease.  There was only one slope that I didn’t do – a double diamond run.

On Monday, we returned to town via New Germany State Park.  We dropped by and did a bit of cross country skiing before continuing on our trip home.  We also stopped by the Blue Goose bakery that made the most awesome pies.  Wowsers!!!!  Worth the stop!

I shall call my first ski trip a success and hope to repeat it next season.

Keeping myself sane

I have now been skiing 6 times and have discovered that I love it!  How could I have missed out on something so amazing for the first half of my life?  And this is all thanks to Mr. Intelligent and some fortuitous luck.

I knew that Mr. Intelligent was very keen on downhill skiing.  Despite that, I still had no interest it.  As far as I could tell, you were taking your life into your hands and you were one tree away from brain damage or worse… death.

For some reason that he couldn’t explain, he decided to ask me to a special showing of a ski film called ‘Solitaire’.   This didn’t particularly interest me as a matter of fact but, I decided to accept the invitation because it interested him.  It was actually a very good movie and I enjoyed.  There were several scenes in the movie where I really felt like I got it – I understood what drew Mr. Intelligent and so many other people to downhill skiing.  Because of this movie, I decided to try skiing.

Mostly I have gone to Whitetail but I have also made a trip to Liberty.  Believe it or not, I have been down a black diamond slope at Liberty.  Hard to believe but its true!  We went to Liberty on the weekend.  I tried some of the easier slopes and then went off to my lesson.  To be honest… I was a bit bored by the whole day and after a couple of hours, Mr. Intelligent wanted to go home.  He was bored too.  I convinced him to let me go down a blue at least once before we got home.  We went down several.  I fell a million, bazillion times but nonetheless I had a blast.  At the end of the day as we were heading back to the front of the ski resort, he told me to go down this bit of a hill and then turn left instead of right.   I did as he instructed and apparently headed down a black rated slope.  I fell just once so I feel pretty proud of myself.  He told me as we were packing up that I made it down a black slope!  Sneaky devil… he knew that I would freak out if I knew it was black.  Instead I trusted him to tell me where it was safe to go and just followed.

Since then, I have been to the top of the mountain at Whitetail and skiied down several long blue slopes.   The first couple of times I fell but I managed to negotiate the runs without falling the last couple of times.  I wish I could say I looked elegant and sexy as I headed down the slopes but I don’t.  I stop, I start, I waver,  I flail a bit and I recover.  My ski gear looks far sexier than I do.   But it is a start!

And I have discovered that it is one of the few ways I can shake off the stress of work.

Taking my life into my hands

I have decided to learn downhill skiing.  I have been twice to Whitetail in Pennsylvania and have taken a couple of lessons.    I am already off the bunny hill although I have to say that was actually kind of frightening and I fell really badly hurting my knee.

I haven’t given up although I think that black diamond runs are not in my near future.

Easy does it

It has just been over two weeks since Mr. Intelligent has decided that he wanted more than friends.  I won’t have any problems remembering this date since it happened on Thanksgiving.  And when he decides something, he isn’t wishy washy about it.   He has jumped in with both feet.

He was worth waiting for is all I have to say.  He is so very different than anyone I have dated in years.  I didn’t even know nice guys like him existed anymore.  And this is where I sadly profess that dependable, sweet and reliable is sexy.  It’s true… I don’t need a bad boy to go weak in the knees.   I just need him.

Eduardo always said it was about the little things.  You could always tell someone’s character by the little things.  Based on that, I have hit the jackpot.  He will hop up and find my glasses because I am too lazy to get them myself.  But he knows that I can’t read the subtitles very well if I don’t wear them. If we leave the bottle of wine in the kitchen he will go out and get it so he can fill up my glass.  He even picked me up from the airport at midnight this week.  He volunteered… I didn’t even ask.  Volunteered!  Wow!  He cleared an evening and spent it with me because he knew I was super upset by something.  Thoughtful beyond belief.

I don’t know if I treat him as well as he treats me.  I think I have the little things covered with ensuring there is coffee in the house for him, giving massages and even purchasing a little guide for hikes that he wanted.  I write him my scribbles just about every day and send him “Todays view” which he enjoys.  I can only hope that the little things I do in return make up for all the ways that I feel treasured by him.

I am taking this relationship day by day and that seems to be working for me.  Each day, I try not to misstep.  Each day, I try to show him that I care.  I try not to think very far into the future.  I just enjoy the moments I have with him.

Met Mr. Intelligent

After a number of emails, I have met him.  He is different in person than he is over the phone and in email.   Not any less smart, I might add, but his conversations involve a little less mental gymnastics on my part.

He is a very sweet guy in the sense that he is very considerate and kind.  This has been missing from my life and appreciate it to no end.   He is incredibly funny and we have the same kind of dry humour.  He introduced me to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I have to admit that I found him hilariously funny.   I will have to continue watching that show through Hulu.

After getting a distinct hands off vibe from him for the first few meetings, I was surprised at how affectionate he has turned out to be.   It is a side that I never expected to see and I am enjoying that.   He makes you seem like you are the most important person in the world to him.

He has some of the same views I have about relationships that I hope will make us compatible.  I think we also have had some common experiences that I hope will bind us closer together.  But it is not all roses.  He is a complicated man which I think will ensure that this relationship will not be a walk in the park.  I can be a little complicated too so that likely isn’t helpful.

I am attracted to him and hope we will get a relationship off the ground but my insecurities about how poorly I do in relationships is rushing to the foreground.   I don’t know if I should just be me or try to do something different – me but a different me.  I don’t even know where to start on that.  And I don’t know how to read this guy.  Is he interested?  Not interested?  Cautious?  We had a fantastic date a couple of days ago but when I asked when we could see each other next, he said he didn’t know.  Is it really because he is busy (which he is)?  Wants to go slowly?  Or is it a repeat of John?